Career Savvy Shortcuts

Save the time it takes to get to your dream job

Ready to change careers, but overwhelmed with all the “best practices” out there? 

Career Savvy Shortcuts is a quick digital mini-course to streamline your job search and skip the time-suckers that keep you from your dream job.


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I have worked with too many clients who waste time in a job search combing the internet for job listings, paying exorbitant amounts of money on a resume, or simply being sucked into the vortex of job advice out there. 

I am here to help. I’ve been a career coach for over 10 years and in that time have supported countless people like you to move into a new job that is better suited to your skills, values, and interests. 

I”m sure you’ve heard the old adage 

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Well – this still holds true. 

  • It’s true in a good economy and in a recession
  • It’s true for the recent grad and the CEO 
  • It’s true for the homebody and the socialite 
  • It’s true for the person with 5 LinkedIn contacts and the one with 500+

But what if there was a way to grow a useful network that felt authentic to you regardless of your personality?

What if there was a way to be proactive and confident in networking so you’re not feeling like you’re in a black hole just waiting for a phone call? 

There is…

That’s why I created Career Savvy Shortcuts. 

This digital bundle takes the guesswork out of how to write an email or pitch and puts you in the driver’s seat of your own career path. Build your network with confidence and intentionality and see how quickly that new job comes your way. 

Take the Career Savvy Shortcut today.

As a career coach and counselor, I support job seekers, women in transition and  graduate students all from home while also being a mom to my two little ones. I am passionate about helping others find their meaningful work and their next, better job.  

The idea for Career Savvy Shortcuts came out of years of supporting people in their job searches but has come to fruition in 2020 because – well – 2020 has been quite the year of upheaval and uncertainty. 

The strategies I share in Career Savvy Shortcuts can be used by anyone at any stage in their career. They are practical and intentional and can be done in your own authentic way – whether an introvert who doesn’t even have a LinkedIn profile or the well connected extrovert who wants to change jobs. 

The Shortcuts Include:

  • Templates to take the guesswork out of writing that initial email to a cold contact 
  • 50+ suggestions of contacts you can reach out to TODAY 
  • Easy-to-remember tips and tricks for avoiding awkward situations 
  • Multiple scenarios of how to build people into your network for now and the long run

(who doesn’t love that!?) 

So what do you actually get?

I’m glad you asked! 

  • 4 modules of videos
  • Printable Thank You postcard
  • Sample emails to send to new contacts as well as a template to plug in your words
  • Sample subject lines for sending that email covering just about every scenario
  • A list of 50 categories and types of people to add to your existing network 
  • My proprietary method for networking in a way that’s authentic, less awkward and more effective to get to meaningful connections and into a new job!

So who’s this for?

If COVID-19 has put the brakes on your current job or you’re not confident you’ll get to go back – grab Career Savvy Shortcuts to give you the kickstart you need to engage your network and uncover the hidden job market (you know – all those jobs that never get posted on Indeed). Give yourself the benefit of skipping the pitfalls of a traditional job search and avoid the frustration of feeling a lack of options.

If you’ve been home for months working and now you’re in a new frame of mind and don’t want to return to your traditional office job, activate your network with Career Savvy Shortcuts. Career Savvy Shortcuts can especially help to build your network online – your new favorite place besides your back deck.  

I am thankful for the specific take-a-ways, as I will be able to implement them immediately. A wonderful and valuable workshop! 

~ Student affairs professional

Will these strategies really work if I don’t like the idea of “cold calling”? 

Yes – I take you through a process that allows you to use best practices for networking and avoid common pitfalls, but tailor it to your own personality, time constraints and existing network. Reaching out to new people doesn’t have to feel like a “cold call” if you’ve done your research and follow the template emails to encourage a response.

Is this shortcut for me if I don’t know people in my desired career path?

You bet! You’ll start with the Lather List™ which gives you 50+ suggestions of people you probably have in your world but haven’t yet engaged with regarding your career goals. I have examples of that list from my own experience and my clients who have actually met people via these common categories of people. For example, I emailed a church friend who played basketball with a VP at the organization I wanted to work for and he made the introduction which really helped me get my foot in the door. I would never have known that VP to play basketball because I didn’t even know him personally, but one email from a trusted person and I got a little of his time!

This seems like a ton of value for only $47 – is this for real?

Oh yeah! I don’t want you to spend so much time debating the value of this choice – I want you to start building your network and share your success stories with me!

Total value of the resources: 

  • 4 modules ($100)
  • 3 templates ($60)
  • A list of 50 categories and types of people to add to your existing network ($40)
  • My proprietary method for networking in a way that’s authentic, less awkward and more effective to get to meaningful connections and into a new job! ($200)


Available today for only $47

These practical, effective techniques & Linda’s cheery spirit gave me hope, direction and encouragement to pursue this life change.

~ Financial industries professional

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Watch the modules and download the templates and get started! The modules provide the perspective to actually take action and the templates provide the jumpstart so you’re not stuck in writer’s block.

Reach out to your current network and uncover new opportunities to grow in a career you love. Reach out to new contacts and reveal the hidden job market to shortcut toward a better job!

Lock in this low price today!

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