Meet Linda Whited

Career Coach and Mother of 2

Helping Others Have Career Confidence 

Just like you, my transition to motherhood was stressful & incredible, overwhelming & beautiful. I returned from maternity leave after my first child was born to my full time job.  I navigated the transition back to work playing catch up to some changes, the 40 minute commute each way and being the last mom to pick up her baby. I stepped out in faith and understanding of my strengths, priorities and interests to take control of the direction of my career and quit my job without another lined up.  I made choices to align with my values and couldn’t have predicted where the path would lead. I’m thrilled to share my experiences to help more people design their next career move!

Drawing on 10+ years of career coaching and degree in counseling, I’ve helped many people with career exploration, evaluating offers and searching for, interviewing with and starting a new position. 

Fun Facts
  • Certified Career Counselor 
  • Master’s in Counseling
  • I’m a proud mama to two kiddos. 
  • I’m a coffee lover and avid traveler.
  • I throw a load of laundry in each morning to keep the house running
  • I’ve been to 32 states and over 20 countries 
  • My husband and I were born on the same day and decided to get married on our shared 1/2 birthday.
  • I love graham crackers with peanut butter.