3 Tips to Find Joy in Networking during the Holidays

As we all try to catch the holiday spirit in whatever ways we find this year, I want to share a few helpful resources on networking. This time of year people do work differently. Deadlines loom and are met. Vacations are planned and taken. And in typical years holiday parties are scheduled and had. This gives job seekers (and really everyone) a unique opportunity to nurture and build their networks at the end of the year. Below are my favorite tips from people wiser than me and this is as much tips for me to take as for anyone else! Enjoy.

Quick Podcast

Check out this podcast (5 minutes) from Laura Vanderkam and the New Corner Office called The Joy of Networking

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My favorite takeaway

Tip: When you get a holiday card, reach out to the sender to reconnect! This can be as simple as a text that turns into a catch up call or as formal as scheduling a time to reconnect on Zoom.

I’m sending more Christmas cards this year simply because we haven’t see people, yet I still think of them and want to appreciate them from afar. I’m a fan of “happy mail” where I include a note and maybe some kid “artwork” they colored to make the mail more fun.

Practical Article

If you are invited to a virtual get-together this holiday season, use it as an opportunity to connect. Here’s how to make the most of it. (CNBC article)

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My favorite takeaway:

“Gear up for the event in a similar way you’d prepare for a video job interview: sit in a quiet and presentable place in your house with good lighting, and shut off technology distractions.”

A List of Tips

The Muse published some naughty and nice ways to network this year and they are worth sharing. It can feel especially anxiety producing to be job seeking during the holidays but these tips calm us down a bit and move us toward action.

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My favorite takeaway:

When reconnecting, focus on giving something every time instead of pitching your own needs right out of the gate.

I really hope you’ll take a moment to check out these resources and let me know what is most helpful to you! Comment below with your thoughts and add to the list. We can all use the tips for authentic connection this time of year.

This first appeared on LinkedIn December 2020.

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