Time to Rise and Shine

As part of the Inspiration Lab in Wilmington, NC I attended the annual conference this week and needed to share what stood out to me!

Stephanie Lanier is the founder and provided some context in the morning as to why she chose the theme Rise and Shine. Stephanie changed the connotation I have with that phrase.

I would usually think this: 

or this:

But she shared how important shining is for women to thrive. She explained that as women we have a proclivity toward dimming our light when things are going well for us. I attribute this to our empathy and humility which are great qualities to possess as women, but in this instance can get in the way. 

So she suggests instead of downplaying our accomplishments, successes or things that are going well right now – we shine just like a lighthouse does for those finding their way at sea. We can help our sisters who are trying to “rise” by shining our light.

This really resonated with me. On an unconscious level, I do think I’ve downplayed positive circumstances or accomplishments. I do because I don’t want to brag or rub my success in someone’s face. I also know that when someone is going through hardship, it could just be a matter of time before I am as well. 

We live in this rhythm of ups and downs of life – that’s universal, but trying to lower our “ups” in order for all of us to be mediocre? Why would we do that!? So, I’m so grateful for the Inspiration Lab and its conference theme of Rise and Shine. I can now be as bright as can be and realize I am actually helping others who need a path toward their own season of shining! That sits well with me as a helper and woman who values living beyond myself. This changes my story from “bragging” to “helping” and that shift is a game changer! 

Here’s my recent shine: As I seek to be authentic in all that I do, I am seeing opportunities to live out my strengths, share my passions, and help others in a variety of ways. I’m thrilled to be creating a space for moms to have support in their careers and move with confidence and clarity toward their next job or project. I’m hopeful that as I continue “shining” as my authentic self, the path will be lit before me and maybe I’ll bring others along! 

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